"An elegant space, full of natural light..."

“An elegant space, full of natural light…”

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Ross & Donna’s humanist wedding at the Drumossie Hotel, Inverness

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The ceremony room at the Drumossie Hotel is an elegant space, full of natural light, and it was looking beautiful for Ross and Donna’s wedding. Family and friends took their places, and Ross and his best man Murdo were waiting, when I suddenly noticed the hotel’s big candles were unlit – luckily a celebrant has a bag like Mary Poppins’, full of things that might be needed… so Murdo and I set to work with matches and lighter, providing a bit of entertainment for the frontmost rows.

Spud the Piper played the entrance music, Bridesmaid Alana, followed by Donna and her dad, made their entrance, and we were ready to begin.  What were the most special moments of the ceremony? Well, warming the wedding rings with everyone’s blessings and good wishes is always special. And Donna and Ross lit candles – one each at the beginning, symbolising their separateness, and a third (floating on water – beautiful) lit after they’d exchanged vows, using the flames of the two, which symbolised their union. Then we Affirmations from Donna’s dad and mum, and Ross’s mum and granddad, all saying YES to the question, ‘Do you give your affirmation to the choice of Ross and Donna to be joined in marriage and wish them well for the future?’

They’d told me how they met, which I enjoyed all the more because I used to work for the Crofters Commission. (Donna works for a bank.) Ross was looking for a mortgage review, and, with crofting law bring so complicated, they ended up on the phone to each other every other day.  After a few weeks of going back and forth regarding banking, the conversation started to change and Ross asked Donna out for dinner.

I loved their choice of reading for just before they exchanged vows: Today I marry the one I love. I promise to be your friend and partner, and to walk beside you always; to love you with all that I am, as you love me; to support, respect and share with you in all of life’s decisions, through joy and sadness, triumph and uncertainty, laughter and tears; to have you in my life every day for as long as we live.

And I liked this too: The wedding ring has a long and mysterious history. The earliest examples were made from reeds growing along the banks of the River Nile in Ancient Egypt. Worn on the third finger of the left hand, it was once believed that the vein of this finger, the ‘vena amoris’ (Latin for ‘the vein of love’) travelled directly from the heart. Very romantic.

Soon, they were husband and wife, posing with the signed and witnessed marriage schedule, and after that it was time to end the ceremony, first by drinking to each other’s health and happiness from a quaich – with a reading that reminds us that husband and wife share their sorrows and difficulties as well as their joys and successes – then with a gentle reading about true love, and finally with Ladies and gentlemen, family and friends, I present to you the Bride and Groom, now husband and wife… and processing out with a rousing tune from Spud on the bagpipes.

Lovely couple, lovely wedding!

And I send my warmest wishes for a wonderful married life!

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